Come on in! The coffee is warm and the music is smooth. It's like there's a special ambience in the room. Because when 2 minds unite the dream becomes real.

🔐Here constant evolution is key. Living the vision realized is key. Taking our time and deciding to live now is key. Responsibility is key. Faith is key. Enthusiasm is key.

📍 This is my store and brand. This is the extension of the first built How To Be Successful In Trucking Book independently published by the I A.M. Brand. I'm an Independent Owner Operator and here at my store and on my pages I show the truth and I show the ropes! If there's a way to make something easier I show it. I've learned a lot over the years and i decided to share it as I continue to go foward at my pace on my own journey which having done this is now part of. Thanks. I hope my content and products enrich in the way I know they can. See ya!😁🙌

Photo / Art Gallery

This section is here to showcase some of my photography! I like to take shots of nature, architecture, people and places I visit on my travels. I love vivid colors and bringing out the elements in what I see.