How to be Successful in Trucking Book

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Still in E-book form for only a little longer. Can't wait for it to go into print!

Written by: Andrew Higgins

Originally released and sold since February 2, 2021 Indy.

Soon to be published and launched as a package.

📡 30 Chapters 📡 1,069 Pages ebook pages separated chapter by chapter in its own download file.

@andrews_method IG: 

When the say don't get into being an owner operator, or that you need to have more experience and learn more first... THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT! 

I wrote H2ST with the already experienced truck driver in mind that is ready to get into being an owner operator, maybe even fully independent, and wants to transition into this smoothly and responsibly. 

Using my book as a tool or a trade route, is a wise choice in speeding up the process that it takes to see level ups in our freedom and money as owner operators.

I make as much as $6-11k a week after fuel with less and less work in a low overhead operation that allows me to pretty much take however much time off I want to pursue life outside of trucking. Plus I run paid off equipment that I cost me little to maintain and is more reliable. 

Come through my process and be better for it my friend! This content will help you get sharp for the long run, I'm sure of it.

See ya!😁🙌

Chapter List:

1. A week in my shoes

2. Mentality

3. Operation

4. My operation

5. Which trucks should I choose?

6. Cost per mile

7. How to drive as an owner operator

8. Home life and budgeting

9. Trucking business etiquette

10. Shops and part stores

11. How to deal with state police

12. Maintenance

13. Technology

14. Brands I endorse

15. Own authority

16. Load boards

17. How I book my freight

18. Factoring vs not factoring

19. How I credit check new customers

20. My customer list

21. How I bill my customers

22. Carrier packs

23. Rate cons

24. Fuel cards

25. IFTA

26. ELD

27. Tolls

28. Taxes

29. LLC or not?

30. Morale