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Choose a Logo From One Of The 13 Pages... This is like a "pick a tattoo" style approach with a selection of hand picked art from an artist that I've bought into. Each design can be filled in with your information for what I think is a  great, professional, and respectable look.
  • Then in the order comments tell me what page number your logo is on, and what number is next to that logo on that page. 👍
  • Then tell me your company's name, city, state, established date, an expression or motto and etc. Each logo will be different, so in order to make your logo look like the logo on the preview page, you will need to provide me with as much info to fill up how ever many lines/words/expressions that are already built into the logo. ✅
  • We will do a work-around or two if need be, but these logos are pretty hard to mess up! As long as you tell me everything you want it to say, I should be able to get it back to you right on the first try! Just make sure to pick the exact one that you want! Page number and Logo Number. I will send you a JPEG file via email to view on your phone, tablet or computer and once you approve, I will produce the rest of the print files to in the following email. 

This whole process takes about 24 hours to 2 weeks to get your finished product. It just depends on what's going on and if I'm over the road trucking. so yes THANK YOU 4 YOUR PATIENCE!!!! as I am one man😁

My customer service email is

**for the record: I am not taking any custom orders outside the logos that are already shown on the 13 pages** 


In This New Offer, I Will Provide You Royalty Free,100% Percent Ownership In Your New Logo! You Can Use The Files For Print, You Can Use The Logo On Products That You Sell and You Can Use Your New Image For Anything Else You Can Imagine Because It's 100% Yours!

You Will Get:

  1. 1 High Quality ".AI" Vector File - Used For Printing T-Shirts and Printing Large Images Such as Trucking Company Door Logo Sizes.
  2. 1 High Quality ".SVG" File - A Scalable Vector Graphic File is an XML-based vector image file format widely used across the internet.
  3. 1 High Quality ".PDF" File - Some Print Shops Will Print Vinyl and Etc With PDF Files.
  4. 1 High Quality ".PNG" File - Your Logo On a Transparent Background That Can Be Used For Multiple Applications Such As Placing Your Logo On Different Color Backgrounds For Social Media or Even For Designing Business Cards.
  5. 1 1080x1080 Instagram Square Ready Logo on White Background - Used For Social Media. This Ready to Go Square  Image Size Fits Perfectly Into Instagram. This 1080x1080 Image Will Have Your Logo On a White Background.

My customer service email is This whole process takes about 24 hours to 2 weeks to get your finished product. It just depends on what's going on and if I'm over the road working. THANKS 4 YOUR PATIENCE!!!! as I am one man.

I will be the one doing it too. Custom work by your fellow @andrews_method.