Pre-Purchase Inspection guide

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In this 117 page e-book guide, 10 + year owner operator veteran, @Andrews_method shows you the steps he would take before buying a used semi truck to use for business. 80 picture pages plus text.

📍What conversations need to be had with the seller?

📍Where to find the hidden gem, diamond in the ruff trucks? (money maker trucks)

📍What is the mentality of the original owner? What habits got used into the truck?

📍Why must we be asking certain questions and are go to certain "Extremes"?

"your the one spending the money, you need to know what your looking at and getting into."

"Point blank. This is a big responsibility."




🔐80 color photos to guide the process, giving you "x-ray" vision into each sales inspection. These photos have mark up's and text that guide you to see what you're looking at during your inspection.

Don't feel bad, we've all been there before not knowing exactly what we're looking at but still doing it any way. Spot out problems, negotiate a better buy price, notice neglect.

"Together we go over these problematic areas and develop a more sharky approach to how we see and choose a used truck."

"Get you a better truck that you will make you money in not sit in the shop going crazy losing money."

Don't accidentally buy a truck too quick and be stuck with something you don't want, causing headache, grief and frustration. -

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