Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide 'e-book'

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In this 117 page e-book guide, @Andrews_method shows you the steps he would take before buying a used semi truck to use for business. 80 picture pages included!

📍We will talk about the conversation that needs to be had with the seller.

📍We will talk about where to find some of the hidden gems or the diamond in the ruff trucks so to speak. I also call these the money maker trucks.

📍How to get into the mentality of the original owner. This helps us to understand the the habits that got used into this truck.

📍Mentality on why we are asking certain questions and are going to certain "Extremes" ... We are the ones spending the money, we need to know what we're getting into. Point blank. This is a big responsibility.




🔐80 color photos to guide in the process helping to give you some "x-ray" vision going into the sales inspections. These photos which have mark up's and text on them will guide you to certain key areas that will cost you money in the near future if are problematic...

🙌Together we go over these problematic areas and develop a more sharky approach to how we see a used truck.

🙌Develop a more sharper approach the more you familiarize yourself with this guide.

🙌 Don't accidentally buy a truck to quick and be stuck with something you don't want. Use this guide to help you spot out a winning truck worth taking a business risk with. Start strong Finish Stronger faster mentality. 

😁GREAT FORTUNE to you in your truck buying process. Thanks in advance if you decide to buy with me or share with a friend that does.There are really some losing trucks to get out here and there really are some diamonds in the rough too. You are increasing your luck already by putting the early work in that it takes to be building something that is great.