Proud American Trucking Entrepreneur Tee

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This is the PROUD AMERICAN TRUCKING ENTREPRENEUR tee originally featured in the first online version of H2ST! 

📍Flag on the right side representing using our right mind going forward. The right mind is the side we use for peace, love, creativity, reaching spirit and more.

📍Upright with an all day working feel that's proud and effective with the big eagle over seeing it all. Like the smells of pine and the rugged day ahead but it's gets pulled off so smooth like cashmere and the scents of a far away land...!

📍Designed for the owner who's the operator and the owner who's operated before in mind.

🏁People have really liked this shirt and have complemented its design and authenticity feel. I just wanted to make it real and make it available. Thanks in advance if you purchase one for your self👍👍